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do you need a permit for a storage shed

Do You Need a Permit for a Storage Shed in Missouri?

If you have an excessive amount of yard equipment and large outdoor objects but not enough storage for them, a shed provides the perfect solution. Missouri homeowners may find themselves asking, “Do you need a permit for a storage shed?” before deciding to buy one. This guide from the experts at Allen Portable Buildings, Inc. answers that question. 

Discover any legal requirements you need to take care of before installing portable buildings in Missouri

What Type of Shed Requires Building Permits?

While some sheds need a permit to go on your property, some don’t have any zoning requirements. Missouri regulations call for property owners to obtain a permit for any structure that’s greater than 100 square feet. Buildings with larger square footage, such as accessory dwelling units, will usually require municipal approval, while standard 8×12 foot storage sheds don’t come with any hoops to jump through. 

What To Do if You Need a Permit for a Storage Shed

Say you’re planning to purchase a 200-square-foot spacious portable building for your property. You discover that not only do you need a permit for a storage shed this size, but the process includes more steps than you initially thought. Here’s what you should do. 

Determine Property Line Setback Requirements

Shed sizing is key for figuring out where you can install your new storage space. Missouri residents can place sheds along their property line if the building is less than 120 square feet. Buildings that are larger must be at least 15 feet from the rear property line and eight feet from the side property line. 

For this example using a 200-square-foot shed, you must follow the state’s property line setback requirements. 

Budget for Permit Fees

Purchasing a storage shed is a major investment. If you must also obtain a permit for it, you can expect to pay a municipal fee. Budget a small chunk of money to go toward the permit fee. 

Consider HOA Guidelines

If you belong to a homeowners association, certain rules may be in place surrounding outdoor sheds. Check the community guidelines to make sure your plans don’t break the association’s protocol. Do this before obtaining your permit to save you some money in the event that the HOA disapproves your plan.

Contact Your Local Municipality

When you’re ready to get the ball rolling, contact your municipality for more information. You will need to request a permit and submit your plans for approval. Once you have this approval, contractors can deliver and install your new storage shed. 

Purchase an Outdoor Storage Shed

After reading this information, you no longer have to wonder, “Do you need a permit for a storage shed in Missouri?” The benefits of outdoor storage sheds are endless and can help you organize your belongings and keep them safe. Reach out to the friendly team at Allen Portable Buildings, Inc. to learn more about our sheds and service. 

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