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how to move a large storage shed

How To Move a Large Storage Shed

Facing the challenge of moving a large storage shed? You’re not alone. This task can seem daunting, but it’s achievable with the right strategy and tools.

Allen Portable Buildings, Inc., experts in portable buildings of Arkansas, is here to guide you through each step of the process. In this guide, Allen Portable Buildings, Inc. explains how to move a large storage shed.

Prepare the New Site and Empty the Shed

Before you can move the shed, preparing the new site is essential. Ensure the ground is level and free of debris. Next, empty the shed completely. Removing items makes the shed lighter and prevents damage to your belongings during the move.

Remove Any Heavy, Fixed Objects From Your Shed

If your shed has shelves or other fixed objects, now’s the time to remove them. These items can add unnecessary weight and become hazardous if they shift during relocation. This step is crucial for the safety and integrity of your shed’s structure.

Make a Pathway From the Old Site to the New One

When learning how to move a large storage shed, one of the most important things is to make a clear pathway.

Clear a pathway from the shed’s current location to its new home. Remove any obstacles that could impede movement or damage the shed. This preparation facilitates a smooth transition and reduces the risk of accidents.

Use a Trailer, Conveyor System, or Rollers and Tracks To Move the Shed

Consider using a trailer, conveyor system, or rollers and tracks for the actual move. If you want to roll the shed, you’ll need PVC pipes. This technique minimizes friction and facilitates easier movement across ground level. Ensure each pipe is placed securely under the shed and move them from back to front as the shed progresses.

Safety First

Safety should be your top priority when moving a large storage shed or any other accessory structure. It’s essential to wear appropriate protective gear to safeguard against potential hazards. Gloves protect your hands from splinters, cuts, and abrasions that can occur when handling rough materials or tools. Safety glasses shield your eyes from flying debris, dust, and other particles that could cause serious eye injuries.

Additionally, working with a team makes the task more manageable and guarantees you’ll have immediate assistance in case of an accident or emergency. Moving a large structure like a shed involves various risks, including physical strain and the potential for the shed to shift unexpectedly. 

Let Allen Portable Buildings, Inc. Lighten the Load

Moving a large storage shed is a significant undertaking, but you can do it efficiently and safely with the right approach. If you’re considering adding a backyard storage shed to your property, remember that Allen Portable Buildings, Inc. is here to help.

From selection to site preparation, we’ve got you covered. Call us at (866) 428-2873 for expert advice on how to move a large storage shed. Trust Allen Portable Buildings, Inc. to make your move as smooth as possible.

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